Our Products

We recognise the importance for our clients to have confidence and reassurance on price, so we provide clear and transparent fees on all our products. We also pass on any third-party disbursement costs* incurred during our Utility Search Reports with no mark-up, to ensure the best value service.

Where estimated disbursements have been paid up-front via PayPal, on occasion these will differ to the actual cost provided by the third-party. In these cases, we will always credit back your account any surplus, allowing you to use these credits against your next order(s). For further information relating to our unique credit system, please click here.

* Third party costs are generally charges levied by certain utility companies for the provision of their asset plans

We offer a fixed fee of £195 for a site under 25 hectares, with a 20 working day turnaround. We can accommodate large and small sites, and can deliver our reports on a range of turnarounds, from 1 working day up to 20 working days. The price of your Utility Search Report is based on the size of the site you are searching and the speed at which you would like it delivered.

In some instances, we understand it is convenient to receive our report in a physical media format. We can therefore provide our Utility Search Report in the following media for a small extra charge.

Service fee (per unit) Price
Hard copy paper (price is on a per unit basis) £45
CD £10

We offer three levels of detail for a Utility Search Map, with a fixed fee for any site under 25 hectares, as outlined in the table below. To find out more, click here.

Essential Standard Advanced
Starting from £155 £195 £355

The price of the Utility Search Map is based on the size of the site and, for sites over 25 hectares, we also consider the number of utilities we expect to find, based on how urban the site is.

No assets, no charge. If the Utility Search Report returns no affected assets to be drawn within your site boundary, you will not be charged for your Utility Search Map

We offer a fixed fee of £95 for a site under 25 hectares. Sites above 25 hectares are priced on application, please give us a call or submit a contact form and one of our account managers will be happy to provide a quote.

The price of our Wayleaves Report will vary to some degree based on the number of utilities identified as having assets within the site boundary, and thus the number of companies we need to approach. As an indication, the average cost of a Wayleaves Report is £450 on sites of 25 hectares.

Our Incentives

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and seek to provide transparency in the pricing of our services and products. Moreover, we like our clients to benefit from our ethical approach to work and promise to never profit from charges incurred by third parties. We have introduced an industry first credit scheme which seeks to address the challenges we face in providing up-front costing for Utility Search Reports where there are variable disbursement charges.

Our Credit Scheme

We have developed a credit scheme for our clients which enables up-front pricing of our Utility Search Report based on an exclusive technology platform which calculates the service fee and disbursements. As a result our website enables you to order and pay for utility searches in a convenient and efficient process, whilst reassurance is gained knowing that any overestimate in our price will be credited to your account balance.

To keep things simple the value of our credit works on a simple 1 credit equals 1p basis, so it’s clear what you have in your account balance.

More importantly, this means credits in your balance will be available for use on your next order. So, what does this mean in practice?

Example 1

You have 12500 credits in your balance and you order a Utility Search Report (10 day working service) for a site size of 10 hectares at £310 which incurs £60 disbursement charges.

Product(s) cost: £370 (Utility Search Report)
Credits applied: 12500
Price to pay: £245

Remaining credit balance is 0

Example 2

You have 55000 credits in your balance and you order a Utility Search Report (20 day working service) for a site size of 4 hectares at £225 which incurs £45 disbursement charges, along with a Utility Search Map (25 day working service) for £125.

Product(s) cost: £270 (Utility Search Report)
£125 (Utility Search Map)
Credits applied: 39500
Price to pay: £0

Remaining credit balance is 15500

Our Consultancy Services

The cost of our consultancy services is dependent on the specific requirements of your project. We always carry out a detailed appraisal of any project before providing a bespoke fee proposal outlining our proposed services to ensure we deliver the best solution.

We like to understand the context of the project, such as whether the proposed works involve the construction of new houses or other buildings, or whether the works are to build new roads or make improvements to existing highways. We also like to understand the status of the project in terms of design and planning. Is there a site layout or scheme design available, or is there a requirement to review a scheme at a much earlier stage in the design process?

To gain a better understanding of our approach to providing consultancy have a look at our Project Lifecycle, which helps ensure we offer the right solution at the right time. For any of the following services, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.